Monday, July 30, 2012

Hwayoung leaves T-ara feat. her mouth can finally rest

Following some of the best shitstorms of K-Pop during the past month, rumors of internal conflict within T-ara have been brewed up care-of Korean entertainment columnists and insiders. Not to mention fuckloads of gratitude to all of local and international fans and antifans for fanning the flames regarding the controversy with their well-thought assumptions

In light of that, member Hwayoung has been on the center stage for apparently being the primary figure of everything crashing and burning among CCM, KKS, and the group.

credits to AKFG

To know why, you can backtrack...
starting from herehereherehere, to here and finally here

Here is what the members have to say

Hwayoung then responded with a spiteful remark due to all the criticisms from her fellow members

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