Sunday, June 24, 2012

I think we know why

A recent article from Reader's Digest via Dong-a Ilbo revealed that Seoul ladies are among the top most--YES YOU GOT IT I KNOW YOU WANNA READ THIS--beautiful women in the world.

Below is the English translation from allkpop on the exact article discussing netizen reaction toward such very objectively empirical study:
On a list that ranked the cities with the most beautiful women, Seoul came in on 9th place.
On June 21st, an American travel magazine, ‘Travelers Digest,’ released, a list of the top 10 cities where the most beautiful women live.
The news caught the attention of netizens as they saw Seoul takes the 9th spot.  The magazine said, “Seoul has some of the best nightlife and is filled with a lot of beautiful women, truly the best in all of Asia.  They set the trend for the rest of Asia to follow and are in the forefronts in fashion and music.”
Accompanied with this statement was another citing the music and beauty of some of Korea’s top girl groups including the Wonder Girls and T-ara.
Also, Seoul was the only Asian city that was able to make it on the top 10 list.
Now, hold your horses. We know this means another celebration for the legion of fangirls.

For an open-minded person, one would come to the conclusion that this is actually a survey. Data were of course produced outside the observations of the researchers themselves based upon preexisting criteria generally acknowledged by the scientific community. Hence, all of the rankings have been wholly reliant toward population perception and interests--meaning, yes, the horde. Who would think there's such scientific benchmark for beauty? Only a loyal fangirl would do so given that the K-Pop is a powerful agent in Korea's steady rise as a cultural power. With such, the recent plastic BOOM of Hallyu and the results might have some sort of correlation.

I think we know why. 
Courtesy of an earlier koreaBANG article

Land of the Morning Calm needs to be rephrased

Speaking of BOOM (LOLZ), we'd surely stay tune to the baddest comeback of 2NE1 this summer! Here is a recent pic of the cutest and sexiest vocalist, mannequin a la Park Bom, in her taxidermy form. A living proof of Seoul-teukbyeolshi beauty

Bom: One of the only few women who exist in South Korea
Now I'm not saying that Korea is otherwise infested with Hong Kong faces. It's only too ambiguous to say that this country has among the most beautiful women in the world lest in Asia, when first, beauty is subjective. Second, can you quantify all those women that fall under your category of beautiful? Third, the Economist's data on plastic surgery procedures speaks for itself. 

Meanwhile, on the other spectrum of Korean beauty...

Inasmuch as how another propaganda of reality distortion tries to fuel mounting justifications of fangirls and Koreaboos alike, the Korean mindset of aesthetics would surely be ego-boosted to another exponential level breeding a new set (and a younger generation) of superficially-bounded morons. The tantamount silver lining between natural and modified has already been and would be continuously further blurred. Such reality would be a bigger incentive for fans to allocate more effort in validating that their idols never had plastic surgery such as here and here. And this would also contribute to more chances of fangirls enshrining their idols as the main stewards of real Korean beauty.

yes, ma'am. very natural
But, what's K-Pop without all these, right? LOL!

Totally Gorjess
Never seen the difference LOL
Hyomin already spilled it
Below are some netizen reactions from the article:
Netizens who heard the news said, “Seoul is the only city to make the top 10 in cities with beautiful women ~ I am so proud“, “Number 9 on the top 10 list?  Aren’t we number 1?” and “In the example as to why Seoul ranks in the top 10 cities with the most beautiful women they did not use Girl’s Generation.
Now a dose of delusion allkpop style:

HOLD UP QURLLL! SNSD released their latest promotional photo!!! OMGeeeee

News flash, fags
Jiyeon says hi.
Nugu? Jiyeon?
Even mutants lose their powers once in a while
Also, enjoy Korea's Michael Jackson:

Bitch ruined her face so fierce
Umm. NO.


  1. One loove for SuJunk!!

  2. who care they take a plastic surgery or not.
    they do that for us .
    they now that if they did not pretty no one will love their song
    . see, we as a fans force them to do a plastic surgery .
    I don't care if they not pretty or not.


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