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[PREDICTIONS] Kahi's graduation and what it means

Luckily, I am able to continuously write an article with a succession of days, though I would surely be very busy for the next few again due to school and work.

Nonetheless, Afterschooldaze has recently written an opinion article as regards to After School's absence of a leader since Kahi would officially be exiting the group to follow her dreams of becoming a solo artist even at menopausal stage. Entailing such would be the drastic changes in the girls' positions and (hopefully) exposure.

If Kobe is to basketball & Ronaldo is to football, Kahi is to K-Pop
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Due to the news then that our sexiest boob twerk omma in the name of JungAh would be the successor of bitch in-charge throne, we would expect a lot of shifts in the song lineups and who would have to take the MONUMENTAL hole that Kahi leaves. AND WHO WOULD BE DOING THE RAP??? OMG I MEAN KAHI IS THE BEST RAPPER THERE IS RIGHT!!!--NEXT TO BEKAH!!! ;___;


Korea's dance craze: The Triple Kung
This'll be a shitfest, but I always adhere to what I believe in. Because I am just that lazy to relay my opinion from Afterschooldaze's article to a personal blog entry, below are the exact comments that I gave:

The following are what I think should be the line-up:
Leader: Raina
Why: JungAh could be the best bet and most likely Pledis’ choice, but she’s too docile to be the top bitch in-charge. Also, Raina has so far exuded the same stern disposition that Kahi had as well as what many leaders from other groups have been showing. She as well has the most powerful vocals which would be a great support for her as the frontrunner. Sadly, though, Koreans have a strong seniority-based culture so we won’t be seeing her as among the leader choices any sooner. She’s a 3rd generation, anyway LOL. I strongly disagree with UEE becoming the leader. She is plainly a visual. She also lacks that social skill Kahi had since she’s been always the “aloof”-looking member. She cannot represent the group based on how she was built. Nothing against her.
Main Vocals: JungAh, Raina
Why: JungAh has always raked the pity-votes for vocals since Raina entered (aside from the deluded hatred she got upon “taking everything” from our Omma). I personally think it’s over the top to be so emotional over what happened with the vocals line-up. Anyway, I always think she’s among the main vocals and I partially agree that Pledis should put more focus into her. She adds distinct flavor to the group’s songs and there have been very few idols who can have the same voice quality she got, although she lacks the range. God, I pitied her during Diva promotion when she had to belt it out. She sounded she’s gonna choke live! Sorry about that, but it really looked like that! Raina, on the other hand, is hands down the most powerful in singing among everyone else so I don’t think I have to discuss any further about her. She needs to loosen up a bit, though. When I listen to an all-AS playlist, it’s always her that I usually hear and it’s getting monotonous. Next album better have more vocal variety and JungAh should be all over it! (no exaggeration intended)
Lead Vocals: Nana, Lizzy, E-Young
Why: Nana has always had the bulk of the lines ever since Shampoo aside from her rap (???). Aside from that, she sounds good in some of AS’ songs probably due to the genre that suites her high-pitched voiced. She was okay when they sang ‘Still…’ during A~ing promotions, but she really sounds like a chipmunk sometimes :( Sorry but that’s just my opinion. She’s still the sexiest prettiest idol there is compared to the rest of the flock. She also doesn’t sound like ‘rapping.’ Will discuss below why. Lizzy, same for Nana, has a fairly good voice. In fact, she’s the one I favor the most as a vocal among the rest aside from JungAh and Raina (Kahi sounded like a dying cat aside from hoarding much of the parts). She has the one with the best clarity among them all and I always feel something’s fresh whenever she sings her part although her voice sometimes sound like Raina or Kahi which is a drawback if assortment and uniqueness is their call. Overall, she has the best non-main vocal voice. E-Young now also has fairly good vocals. Since she hasn’t had much parts starting from her debut, I think this video could say much why (pre-debut AND pre-surgery :P I am never against PS most especially if you look amazing after it which E-Young is!):
Main Rapper: Lizzy
Why: Since the girl got the clearest and freshest voice (aside from Raina) and she has also been given much rapping parts, I guess just to make After School meet both ends, she should be given the most responsibility. Two of the group’s most reliable rappers are gone (Bekah & Kahi), so I think she’s the one who gives justice to what Bekah left. I also agree that she was good for idol rapping standards in Because of You. Despite her being usually known as a loud and quirky girl, she can be somehow tough for a rapper. Nana just doesn’t suit it, sadly :( Again, bash me if you want, but I just wanna be honest. She sounds like a chipmunk particularly in her post-Bekah Because of You rap parts. Sorry, but I just wished Lizzy was asked to do it.
Lead Rapper: Nana
Why: Even if I think she should’ve long been fired in the Rapping department, Pledis would still surely want a second rapper in which Nana has had enough exposure to already and it won’t be early before a replacement comes in.
Dancer: Nana, Jooyeon
Why: Dance Battle vs SNSD; 2009, 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun; 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun; MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok. ‘Nuff said.
Visuals: Jooyeon, E-Young, Nana, Gaeun
Nothing has much been revealed about the new member so I’ll end with this.
I unfortunately forgot UEEbot in the Visuals position. LOL

Any thoughts? Fire away, Playgirlz! Attack!!!



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    1. I hope dis not trolling, bbz </3

  2. Congrats on starting your blog.
    Me I'm about 6-9 months new to kpop so theres still heaps I don't know. Before a few weeks back all I knew of After School was that it was the group of Nana the pretty sexy stick insect. Nice to see a blog with more writing than either deluded fangirl type or pointing out the general insanities of kpop.
    As for that chest thrusting gif, I seen less aggressive sexuals at a strip club.

    1. OHEYA JAMES, thanks for the congratulatory remark! I've been formally hooked on K-Pop since 2009 and it has only been 2 years since I have fully overcome the delusion disease that strikes all unwary fans. I do hope, though, that most if not many of us complete that kind of transition! The fandom and the music would've been better than ever!

      But what is Korean Gayo if there aren't blinded, mentally-challenged drones that fuel its multi-million complex, anyway?

      As for that E-Young predebut vid, I've seen less senile-looking people on stage at a retirement home. Good thing bitch got PS asap!! She's way fucking better now.

      I reviewed my comment on that blog and I think I could've turned down my fanboyism a few notches down. I still sound like a mindless Playboyz with all those rationalizations.


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