Sunday, June 17, 2012

[OPINION] Park Kahi Departure

Not a girl, not yet a woman: Park Kahi graduates (finally)

Late article okay. I don't have to say anything else. This picture speaks a lot of how I've been sedating myself--TO EASE THE PAIN AND AGONY OF NEGLECT. And to think of it, I was screaming all over Facebook up front to other people who couldn't care any less to KPop lest Kahi.

What I've been spending my time with for the past 24 hours 

So, okay. I'm a true blue Playboyz. An AS stan. Whatever you call it. But I was on the brink of hyperventilation when the rumor broke out (prior to the official news). Well, almost. It's just quite a shocking revelation for me given that no follower has ever imagined After School running far from the shadows of the greatest ahjumma-appa there is that is Park Kahi. It'll seriously be a totally different feel once they come back this month with their upcoming maxi-album Flashback. However, come to think of it, since Kahi has been an integral part of Pledis, one could foresee that the future ex group forerunner would be at the helm of promotion and production decisions which many Playgirlz and Playboyz would deem very positive for our remaining girls (plus the continual preservation of the original concept). Let's cross our fingers!

In order to appease my soon-to-be longing for Kahi, I've been hording the interwebs for hi-def pics and perfs over the past years (aside from my usual, yet totally creepy Nana stanning. ENJOY!). And, never have I been satisfied. This is just way beyond paparazzi level okay!!!

Better than juicy gossips
Also, I'm writing this down while knowing that the Netherlands lost to Portugal by 1-2 with Ronaldo's winning goal. FUCK U BITCH. All my tears trickling down the keyboard! So much despair!!! MY HEART I JUST CAN'T!!!

Anyway, upon the dear leader's impending departure, Afterschooldaze has also been busy collecting fan sentiments (and feeding fangirl delusions) as to whom they think should be the successor of Pledis' whoredome academy. Of course, I have my preferred choice backed with logical justifications. Then, guess what, the people have spoken:

if only a llama was a better option

It's undeniably the most precious omma, JungAh <3, who would be the top choice among fans since it's the usual seniority culture that prevails and that she's one of the original members. Sadly, though, she isn't my first candidate. However, I could not imagine how such lowly subspecies of an animal could be considered as a 2nd placer in the form of she who must not be named. Bitch is totally giving Nana a run for her money. So depressing. Makes me wanna weep more.

There's nothing much I could say right now. I'm all shaky, distraught and panting. Couldn't eat, sleep and  shit, I'm atm gasping and catching a little fanboy breath. I love you Kahi even if you're a manfaced bitch who sounds like a dying cat when singing. Hence, I leave y'all with this:

ensuing fan reaction LOL
We all know what such picture means. Article is a CLICK AWAY ;)

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