Monday, June 25, 2012

SmackJuice (Code Name: Smack Your Face)

Speaking of the conceptual clonedome of K-Pop, it was such an esoteric experience to be able to read another interesting article from the loveliest Anti K-Pop Fan Girl on how to justify how authentic and well-substantiated your oppars' and noonars' mushit videos areVery highfalutin and euphoric, indeed. That juicy shit is soooo true, so corporeal I could wail and pee in my pants and admit the sin myself. 


oppar so good!!!111 Proud VIPs MMKAY
Yes, 'twas me  ;____;

But that was just how much I appreciated BIGBANG's Love Song! Such artistic relevance amidst K-Pop's intellectual drainage!

Now, since we've set off on something about originality, why don't we focus this time to international K-Pop fags' all-time, unrelenting, indomitable web resource AKA 6Theory? Or should we say SickTheory

Recently, Johnny Noh's quite known media complex has again conceived another addition to his ever-burgeoning internet cashcow in the form of a new site called SmackJuice.

feels like finding that secret level you never thought existed
But, WTF. I was actually expecting a Hollywood version of allkfap and dickyohive with preteen Ellen Degeneres' face all over (plus a few more fan cunts making K-Pop antics n00b level).

ps rumors anyone?
But, again, WTF? It seemed like that speculation was downplaying Mr. Noh's flair for innovation when in fact, this has to be the finest demonstration of sheer marketing ingenuity:

I'd like to do those nasty wordplay like what sullifag does too all the idols, but I ain't within that tier to be as awesomesauce as him. <3

Yet, SmackJuice truly smells like chive... THE REAL CHIVE.

Top is where you do things right. Bottom is when you overdo it.

On another thought, 6Theory's attempt to diversify seems futile. The field of troll posting has been so over saturated. Even theChive itself, as a long-running leader in this entertainment side of the net, has its own subsidiaries such as theBERRY and theTHROTTLE, and they at most offer the same content that SmackJuice tries to. I don't know how could Johnny's new baby thrive in this competition.

Hence, cum at me, Johnnyfags

To end, let's have more K-Pop

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  1. UEE demonic, almost scary like Hyogre. Needs more Nana


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