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[MV REVIEW] After Scat's Flushback

Christian Fundies: "The Whores of Babylon"
[Pre-publishing note: This Thursday, June 19, would be After School's looming TV comeback as an entire group in almost a year. After that past between Pledis and MNet A.K.A. CCM's broodmother, as a Playboyz, this is a television landmark for the girls and surely I'd be looking forward to their live striptease on Korean national TV. ALSO, this'll be the very first (maxi-)album and performance without Pledis' official top bitch in charge, Park Kahi. This'd be akin to mankind's first step on Mars.]

Anyhoo, there is much Playgirlz anTITcipation for this bangin' (pun all you want) comeback aided by the the fact that Lizzy's excremental promotional photo was good for nothing without her supple, enlarged breasts and Nana's cameo role. DIS OFFICIAL BTCHZ
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This time, I give you my next music video review for After School's Flashback!

Here are what I think per different aspect of the production:

  • Title: As far as I am concerned, the title is in line with the intended concept, MV plot, production and the song. Seems okay. I will be justifying my verdict on the title through the succeeding parts.
  • Song (unofficial English lyrics): What I understand is that it's about a girl who's been hurt for a long time after a breakup with her boyfriend (or probably cheated on). Then she, one time, saw him again and everything--all her prejudices and bitterness--were dismantled in one click making her vulnerable to the same feeling she had when she was in the same relationship. This "feeling" as mentioned in the song warps her back in time and making her want to put everything back together like nothing happened.
  • Lineup: The abundance of Nana's high-pitched voice can sometimes be cute, but it has become grossly irritating upon her amassing all possible spots in the song. Sounds like Kahi's chipmunk scion to position imperialism. STIL LUV U NANARRR
busts a nut better than her
My high expectations were also mired by how sparse Lizzy's parts were. Bitch got a better voice than her, Pledis. I do hope that she won't undergo the transformation from a Busan bumpkin into an Itaewon slut with those sweaterpuppies she's dishing out. Same goes to E-Young. CMON, PEOPLE. On the other hand, I liked how JungAh's voice was utilized in the song. Raina's strong vocals were playfully levelled with omma's huskiness. I believe that would be a pleasant combination if they released a ballad. Also, mark your calendars because for the first time in AS history, we won't be hearing the universal grunt of a dying cat that is Kahi.
Verdict: 2.5 OVER 5
Why: I seriously think After School, from dance pop to ballad, have been channeling the same broken-hearted bitch scorned by that either double-crossing asshole or romantically-withdrawn guy. If all their songs would be molded into a real life girl, she'd probably be the most annoying, redundant attention-whore you'd meet. Nonetheless, Flashback also expresses the same old feel SANS Kahi's feline voice. The upbeat tune was actually okay for such sexy song. For those who are hell-bent on antagonizing autotune, I think this one was pretty decent given the genre they're once again exploring (except that new Diva recording. Atrocious).
  • Music Video: I solemnly believe this is one of the most consistent ones I've seen lately. KPop has been recently known for its rather misleading teasers such as SHINee's Sherlock (tongue twister).
Plot & Production
The music video was able to portray parallel meanings with the lyrics, slightly. A newly refreshed sultry image is likewise in line with the upbeat dance tune. This attempt to make HyunA a venerable celibate is, however, a matter of great contention.
Pledis Entertainment officially opens its first brothel
Upon feasting your eyes on this visual fornication care-of Pledis, you can clearly notice a lot of Korean Pop's archetypal themes. It is then but a funny coincidence for me to review two consecutive music videos in this blog, other than Gangkiz' Honey Honey, with a perpetually recurring central object which is the gun. If the lyrics with the accompanying music was trying to convey an aggressive girl all out on her womanhood asking the guy to rein on her ass, then using no other than Hallyu pop's staple prop would be the best fit here. That's how sexually-repressed women in Korea do ett okay, guerrilla warfare. 
K-Pop Male Abductee #8724623
Pledis' attempt to pull off the same Run Devil Run-ish song is making this cash-hungry company look more redundant than ever as it rides with overly bruised KPop themes. Signs of financial recovery from Hello Penus' sassy debut.
SNSD much?
Since Kahi left and another member (Kaeun/Gaeun, whatever) was added, UEE's position has been changed from official group statue to cyborg. And she's fucking pissed.
FUCK: bitch has had it too
The MV conclusion was an amiss. If the song expressed deep wanting, why would the girl kill him in the end? Signs of revenge? Why bother abduct him and show her prostitution prowess if she's just gonna blow his brains off? Wouldn't she rather ride that 3-inch Hanguk diqq instead? Gurl, make up ur mind.
For a racy song, this is yet the simplest dance After School has had. Sadly, though, RaNia's Dr. Feel Good would've been much better in terms of both choreo and song for the same concept they revolve into. Notwithstanding, it exudes well what Flashback is about plus regaining the original concept of what the group was originally supposed to be: sexy and Pussy clones. Daddy's gonna be proud.
All-in-all, if comparing this to other AS' and other groups' choreos, I give it a Grade Meh. 
werk it
Flashback has indeed salvaged After School's identity from further being engulfed into K-Pop's cutesy cesspool. Eyecandy-wise, it is teeming with fapworthy antics.
not enough for a few more lines, qurls
RAAAR!! even this gif is as annoying as her self
moar of this!!!
Touted by Playgirlz as Asia's answer to Victoria's Secret Angels, these bitches really do know how to work their shit and they're doing it pretty well (LOOKING AT YOU JOOYEON) Never knew the qts have been keeping that inner slutness in them. Consequently, this regurgitated clusterfuck has been a steep dive from After School's previously released singles of nearly if not similar genre (e.g. Bang, Because of You, In the Night Sky) which have been considerably good in both musicality and concepts albeit underappreciated as compared to other groups of the same debut era.
Verdict: Similar to Gangkiz's heinous music video galore, it is disappointing with how After School was turned into a copypasta frenzy. From themes that shout of RaNia to SNSD references, from tiring music to a stale plot, I am giving this a 2 OVER 5.
All I gotta say for this MV are... TWO WORDS:

perfect shit landing deserves 5 stars. LUV U NANA


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